Sunglasses store in the Bronx

Sunglasses Store in the Bronx

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Designer sunglasses in the Bronx

What are designer sunglasses good for? Well, the obvious answer is that they make you look great when you put them on, but there are more positive features to talk about, such as shielding you from sun glare and harsh wind, protecting you from hazardous ultraviolet (UV) rays, and giving you impressive vision correction (for prescription sunglasses). Here at Vision Quest Bronx, we’re sure you are going to like what we have to offer.

How have you been spending your summer? If you’re like many of our customers, the answer is out at the beach, taking in games at the ballpark, hanging out at the park, lounging by the pool, or attending barbecues at your friends’ homes, among other things. Of course, all of these activities have one thing in common: you do them outdoors. At our sunglasses store in the Bronx, you will find everything you need to brave the sun at its strongest so that your eyes are taken care of properly. Every pair of designer sunglasses in our inventory block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays, so you can be sure that your eyes are safe from the danger those rays pose. Bright glare is uncomfortable and frustrating, but it can actually be dangerous when you’re driving your car, truck, or SUV, for example. Put our designer sunglasses between your eyes and that strong sunlight. Our sunglasses store in the Bronx carries only the finest names in eyewear with options from brands like Prada, Calvin Klein, Versace, and Sean John. And when the summer’s over, keep them handy, including during the winter, when snow and ice reflects sun glare with alarming intensity. Never go anywhere without yours.

Stop in at our sunglasses store in the Bronx to pick out the pair that suit you best. If you would like prescription sunglasses, reach out to us now to schedule an eye exam.

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