Contact lenses in Castle Hill

Contact Lenses in Castle Hill

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Contact lens exams in Castle Hill

Simple and effective preparation is a good idea for so many things, and that is most definitely the case when it comes to improving your vision with our contact lenses in Castle Hill. Contact lens exams here at Vision Quest Bronx can save you a lot of time and trouble later on.

We are very pleased to have a wide array of possibilities for you when it comes to our contact lenses in Castle Hill. They include soft and gas-permeable, those that you keep in all day, disposables, and ones that change color; you can even get special lenses for astigmatism or cataracts correction. But facts are facts, and if you end up suffering with irritation or infection from wearing contacts, or you choose ones that cause you discomfort or that worsen a condition you have, then they are not of very much value. The point of our contact lens exams is for our eye doctor to check those parts of your eyes that touch the lenses every time you have them in. Those parts art the cornea, conjunctiva, and eyelids. So what happens if as part of this examination, it is discovered that you are likely to have a challenge with contacts, it may be best to decide on eyeglasses instead. It’s also possible that the difficulty can be corrected with medication or another form of treatment, but that will be your choice to make.

There are many reasons why people pick our contact lenses in Castle Hill over eyeglasses, including a more natural type of vision, unhindered side-to-side (peripheral) vision, and an unchanged facial appearance. For those reasons and more, it is well worth the minimal effort of having a contact lens exam performed at our office. So please reach out to us so that we can book a convenient time for you to come in for one.

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