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Bronx Reading Glasses

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Reading Glasses in Bronx

If you are reading this and find yourself squinting or moving a little further away from the computer or digital device you may be experiencing hyperopia, farsightedness, trouble focusing clearly on objects that are close to you. Many people are born with this condition while the majority of people begin to experience a mild degree of farsightedness as they reach their senior years when a patient can begin to have a degree of both farsightedness and nearsightedness at the same time. Luckily, hyperopia is rectified fairly easily with contact lenses or designer Bronx reading glasses from Vision Quest Bronx.

Eyeglasses designed to help alleviate farsightedness are available at affordable prices in every drugstore and supermarkets without a prescription, so why should you come to our office for your designer Bronx reading glasses? Drugstore “readers” come in standard strengths but reading glasses from our practice are matched to your exact vision correction needs based on the results of a comprehensive refractory examination of your vision that also looks for any current and developing eye disease as a possible cause of vision problems. As a result of this examination your vision will become as clear as possible.

Another advantage of designer Bronx reading glasses from our practice is the large selection of designer eyeglass frames that our optical shop stocks that your reading glass prescription can be put into. We carry the latest collections from the top designers including Prada, Calvin Klein, Versace and Sean John among others. Our optical shop can also combine your farsighted and nearsighted vision corrections in one pair of eyeglasses as bifocal or progressive lenses so you don’t have to keep changing glasses. If you are having a little trouble seeing close-in objects clearly make an appointment with our doctor.

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